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Let the Stars Guide You


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

18 years of experience reading astrology charts.  I specialize in using magi astrology for love astrology predictions, and if requested when heartbreak periods are, when they end, and ideas and strategies to make the best of it. Let the heaven's light guide 

Vanderpool was born exactly 9 months and 1 day after his parents Jack L. Vanderpool, and Linda Phillips (Vanderpool) Cook married in 1969, in the great American Midwest, a farming community and small college town of Marshall, Missouri.  At age 13 the family moved to Blue Springs, Missouri, where in the greater Kansas City Missouri area Mr. Vanderpool enrolled in Tae Kwon Do lessons with his father, and younger brother Jason E. Vanderpool, at which 4 years later Michael was invited by a group of 6 Korean Masters of Tae Kwon Do observing his Black Belt testing at KO’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do, to Olympic Training Camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  5 Summers of work at World’s of Fun amusement park came to an end when the family moved back to Marshall, Missouri and the college years begun at various universities and colleges in the mid-state area while Michael worked for the family’s nursing homes.  Michael Vanderpool was administrative assistant of Vanderpool Care, Inc. for 5 years until age 30, when a series of challenging and life changing events took place, including a serious struggle with health, which primarily, along 
with other life altering events, drove him into the study of deeper spiritual teachings, alternative spirituality, and also astrology to ‘see ahead’ and trying to ‘stay between the ditches’ or see more clearly through some of the dark nights of life.  Michael began the study of Western astrology in 1999, and metaphysics, after seeing the deeply inspirational movie “What Dreams May Come”, and hearing Dr. Louis Turi on the Jeff Rense Show.   Michael began shortly after a two years daily practice and exercises in the western magical tradition, which included the daily study and practice of tarot, and years later another year in a professional level I Ching divination course (via Hilary Barret of the UK).   Michael began what would become a worldwide journey and a series of worldwide travels, many ‘expat style’, first to Kiev, Ukraine in April of 2004, where he would remain for the most part of 13 months, living through, and seeing  firsthand the Orange Revolution.  Later Michael traveled from Ukraine to Tbilisi, republic of Georgia in 2006, where he began the Ebay account ‘OMSH Books And Services’, operating it while in Georgia, and later 13 months in the republic of Panama, until returning  to the USA in 2007.  Michael wrote “A Storm Warning For Israel, Spring/Summer 2007” March 17, 2007, which was an extremely ‘down to the day’ accurate prediction on that summer’s war that took place in Israel.  It would be the first of a series of public (12), and private highly correct astrological predictions on matters of life, and death, and everything in between Michael would accurately assess or make 
using astrology, especially Magi Astrology from that point forward.  You can watch some of this on his Youtube Channel.  Two separate accurate accurate financial market predictions are among those on Youtube published August 11, 2011, and December 30, 2011, slated for October  2011 & February 2012 when the predicted extreme market rises occurred. Michael joined The Magi Society while in Tbilisi, in May of 2006, and while using a few forms of astrology, relies primarily on, and uses this legendary, highly accurate, and most modern ‘scientific’ of ancient methods of astrology for his personal, and public use in service to others. Michael is an internationally traveled (28 countries) and world renown intuitive astrologer.  Michael has given private consultations to high level government employees (both federal, and military) of more than one government on issues affecting the future, as well as those involved with Hollywood celebrities on matters of business, and love using the stars, and continues to consult people daily on astrology from around the world.   

"Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool intuitive astrologer, internationally known and traveled in over 28 countries, and a member of the Magi Society, the US Press Association, and Legal Shield, and a former nursing home administrative assistant and provides ongoing consult to one, and a black belt in tae kwon do. I use Magi astrology, other astrology, and my intuition to predict life events and times with for you, weeks or months before those events take place. I will help you navigate the course ahead and have a deeper insight into the soul, and timing for best success, combined with cutting edge research in the most modern day astrology. By aura video & character, I am a true Adult Indigo. I am the author of the extremely accurate predictive ebook "A Storm Warning For Israel - Spring/Summer 2007". My (Youtube/Facebook) 'Astrological Heads Up for May/June 2011' was again 'down to the day' accurate (UN meeting in Rome Italy May 5 2011).  In sum total so far, I have made 13 successful ‘public’ accurate ‘documented’ published ‘before hand’ predictions on major geopolitical events & financial markets moves a month to two months in advance before they happened, down to the week or day they happened.  See my 'Proven Predictions' of this site for more.  My fixed star angle on the moment at birth is Menkar, the empath, interpreted as 'one who can sense or know the future'.

An intuitive astrology consultation gives you a deeper insight into your personality, and compatibility with anyone involved in romance, disturbed marriages, or love affairs with the most accurate and best of ancient and modern researched astrology - Magi Astrology. I will also help you determine the current, or future cycles of time in your life, and best times to avoid certain activities, engage in new or important activities, as well as when to be prepared for upcoming life events.  With foreknowledge, some events sometimes can be changed, minimized, or avoided, while the Spirit, mind, and circumstances can be better prepared for those that cannot.  The doctrine of the Magi states that life will present you with trials and tests which you will pass or fail – this light of knowledge better prepares you for those trials and tests, and at it’s best offers true astrological alchemy, using electional astrology to set up a powerful birth chart and progression for natalizing a new meeting, new job, business, or other endeavors regarding love or money.  You can  with awareness  choose the energy you capture from the stars into matters of love and money in your life.  This is the most powerful and practical use of Magi Astrology.

As an honorary member of ISAKK, or the International Society of Alexander Kartveli, covering as a journalist and documentary filmmaker, 3 years of aviation week, and special events in the republic of Georgia, I am the first American journalist to film at the October 2013 'creeping russian military 'creeping' occupation border, in the conflict zone under targeting military sniper(s) upon approach, which 24 hours later after publishing to Youtube, that occupation according to local media citing Georgian gov 'came to an end' for that time (a short time).  I am also the first American journalist in history to film in the Georgian Ministry of Defense just a few feet away from NATO Military Committee historical first meeting with then Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania, demonstrating Georgia's authentic and true democratic progress, 'free press' and real democratic reforms.  These historical videos can be seen on my Youtube Channel, my assistance with a Georgian American Defense related project for 3 years in Georgia, and Georgia's Independence." - 

​Rev Dr. Michael R Vanderpool, intuitive astrologer


"It is when we see love in the stars,

that life offers us reprieve."

Michael R Vanderpool

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