I specialize in Love Astrology Predictions, and if asked heartbreak astrology.  My General Astrology readings are listed below.

My main focus is Magi Astrology, though I do look at fixed stars, and also Vedic astrology life predictions by planets in the houses (using Pandit Parsai's research), and a bit of western astrology in 'full life readings' which I charge $500, to $1,000 for.

1 Hour Life Reading: $500 donation                 

2 Hour Life Reading: $1,000 donation

I do basic readings at $150 per hour, using predominantly magi astrology for the basic magi astrochart (birth chart in magi astrology) covering the natal chart aspects, astrological transits and astrological progressions using magi astrology for the present time and year ahead, for a full and comprehensive reading. All reading for Entertainment Purposes only. No guarantees. No refunds, your donating for my time, research.

1 hour  /   $150

Birth Chart Reading


Relationship Reading

1 hour  /   $150

I do relationship combined alignment charts or 'cac' using magi astrology comparing and contrasting the linkages and clashes of magi astrology between two people in relationship, or partnership.  First meeting chart if the day is known, is 50% predictive outcome or potential of the relationship, while any marriage date determines the other 50% of predicted outcome, if married.

​I specialize in love and heartbreak astrology predictions, in their extremes in a life, going past, present, and future if desired, using magi astrology, based on scientific astrology of the magi society and MACS study over 20 years, on over 100,000 people using birth, death, marriage, divorce records, and the massive importance of the astrology of chiron in magi astrology to this predictive ability.


1 hour  /   $150

Looking ahead, predictive astrology

Using predominantly magi astrology, transits and progressions, sometimes I get intuitive insight into prediction, sometimes not, there are no assurances of accuracy. However, Magi Astrology is highly accurate, and gives the client and astrologer a very good overview of the potentials, positive, or negative, or mixes, on the past, present, and year, or time ahead.  Priceless for looking ahead, and for changing things for the better, if and when possible, and taking better advantage of opportunities.

Planning, strategy, and research for a greater opportunity and chance at better passing the tests and trials of life with the lamp and light of the stars, an astrologer's insight, and interpretations.  The best reading of this kind.

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All reading for Entertainment Purposes only. No guarantees. No refunds, your donating for my time, research.
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